• Our company will provide for all customs operations for the carnets in/out Italy and in/out Turkey, 24/7 in that period.
    We will work with our customs agent who are based in their customs terminal.
  • We nedd to know your custom necessities in advance.
    We suggest to use Carnet ATA and our overseas offices are at your disposal for issuing urgent Carnets at discouted rate.

Passengers, air travel, hotel

  • We can provide to your personell concomitant departure of the trucks and flight connection - with shuttles to the airport and the port.
  • We arrange with specialized Italian and Turkish agencies, for hotel accomodations for your travelling staff.
  • Please advise your requirements 60 days prior event date.
  • Normally passengers are not allowed on board, however under maritime law, the shiphowner is allowed to carry up to maximum 6 people on board the vessel: those who wish to reques to travel with their vehicle may apply, however such request is subject to availability and shiphowner discrection. In any case, access to the hold during the trip is strictly forbildden at all times, including to passengers and/or drivers.

Driver Transfer from Port to Airport

After loading truck at Trieste Terminal, drivers will be transferred by dedicated coach directly to BRNIK Airport in Ljubliana.

Flight details:

Flight n. JP 648
LJUBLIANA/Brnik Airport Dept. 23.45
ISTANBUL/Ataturk Airport Arr. 03.00 (+1)
Flight n. JP 651
ISTANBUL/Ataturk Airport Dept. 05.30
LJUBLIANA/Brnik Airport Arr. 06.40


Rates includes:

  1. Driver’s air travel Trieste – Istanbul – Trieste;
  2. Customs operations for Carnet ATA (maximum 1 per truck; any additional will be billed separately);
  3. Preferrential treatment at the ports of Trieste and Istanbul;
  4. Shuttle for the passenger from Port to Airport; (both at Trieste to Ljubiana Airport and at ISTANBUL to Ataturk Airport);
  5. Secured Parking for 7 days for your trucks in Istanbul;
  6. Escort to and from Istanubl Park;
  7. Assistance of Billitz staff from Billitz inside Istanbul park.





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